I specialize in Canadian educational textbooks, resources for students and educators. I have worked with The University of British Columbia, The University of Waterloo and several Canadian school boards. 
Cover design and page design for The Critical Thinking Consortium. A social studies, history and geography resource for Canadian teachers. More information on this resource can be found here
Publishing design for educational textbook on Canadian Provincial school systems.
Alhqulh Ti Sputc is a project unique to the Nuxalk Nation. The publication was created in collaboration with Nuxalk Nation Elders, artists and scientist Megan Moody. It shares unique indigenous knowledge about Eulachon fishing and sustainability. You can read more about this project here.
Illustration and design for The World of Fashion student resource. The textbook provides students with everything they need to explore, research, communicate about and reflect on the Canadian and global fashion industry. Available for purchase through UBC here
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